Certus Digital

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Video-over-IP Network Performance Analysis

Certus Digital, Inc. provides test and measurement tools to assist communications and entertainment service providers in providing their customers with the highest quality video viewing experience (QoE) at an attractive price point. The company’s flagship product, FaultLine™, is the most comprehensive software-based video-over-IP performance analysis solution on the market.

IPTV or Video-over-IP providers have little room for error for in this highly competitive marketplace. The tremendous benefits of IPTV, interactive television, and on-demand video won’t be realized if IP video packets are lost, late, or corrupt. Certus Digital’s patented FaultLine™ software helps engineering center personnel seek out suspect IPTV or video packets and help identify the specific problems with the content, encoders, or network.

When quality matters, network engineers count on the essential tools provided by Certus Digital. The product portfolio complements other test & measurement solutions by providing a comprehensive view of network performance over time, via statistics, alarms, and alerts.




Having a problem with your video-over-ip distribution? Email us at support@certusdigital.com.